Bantu Literacy Tool

Bantu Literacy Tool (BLT)

Outmoded program! The Bantu Literacy Tool  has been replaced by PrimerPro.  There is a tutorial on PrimerPro here.

Purpose (Why):

To be able to assist the literacy worker in the use of the BLT computer program This is only software available to assist literacy workers with primer writing. The tool will speed up the process and will provide for a higher quality primer.

Learning Objectives (What):

1. The participant will know how to install the program.

2. The participant will know how to setup the program, including the grapheme inventory.

3. The participant will know how to use the program to assist the literacy worker in creating a lesson in a primer.

Learning Tasks (How):



A PowerPoint presentation is given which gives an overview of the BLT computer program. BLT Overview


The participants will setup the program. BLT Setup

A demo of the program is given which will create a first lesson. Have the participants do the demo with you on their computers. BTL First Lesson


The participants will create a second lesson. BTL Second Lesson.


The participants will do exercises using the program on their computer. BTL Exercises



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