Batch Importing WAV files into Flex

Here's how I imported a recording of a 1000-item word list into Flex. As I remember, I started out by typing the data in Excel (or LibreOffice Calc). I labeled the column headers with the SFM fields which correspond to the Flex fields in which I want my data to end up and typed in all of my data. If I recall correctly, SheetSwiper needs these SFM labels in a later step.

  • \rf -- Reference (I used speaker name+sequence number, e.g. "Jon001".)
  • \ge -- English gloss
  • \lx -- Lexeme
  • \nt -- Note (this field was blank for most entries)
  • \so -- Source (the date on which I elicited the data. The speaker's name is in the \rf field.)
  • \pf -- Pronunciation file


  1. Split up the long recordings in Audacity. Use Track...Add Label at Selection (Ctrl-B) to mark the beginning of each utterance. Delete any extraneous conversation, noises, etc, then use File...Export Multiple to save each utterance in a separate WAV file named according to the label you assigned using Add Label. Make the labels and file names match your \rf field.
  2. If you want the WAV files to be included in Send-Receive, then copy them all to C:\ProgramData\SIL\FieldWorks\Projects\projectname\LinkedFiles\AudioVisual. If you don't want the .WAV files included in Send-Receive, then you should save them in a different folder.
  3. Make sure the \so column in your Excel file matches the location of your WAV files. Use Excel's CONCATENATE function  (=CONCATENATE("C:\Progr...\Jon",TEXT(E2,"000"),".wav")) to generate the \pf column. Type a couple entries in \rf, then select them and drag the bottom right corner of the selection box to fill the rest of the column all at once.
  4. Use SheetSwiper to convert the Excel file to SFM.
  5. Do the Flex import. Import the WAV file name into the Pronunciation (Media File) field. I did NOT use an audio writing system, but I do have a play button next to my filenames in Flex.

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