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Learning Objectives:

  1. Knows how to compose a message
  2. Knows how to reply to a message.
  3. Knows how to forward a message
  4. Knows how to add a contact
  5. Knows how to create a contact group and add a contact to it.
  6. Knows how to add a message to a label.

Learning Tasks:


Why would want to use E-mail?


  • Create a Gmail account. Have the participants watch.
  • Sign on to Gmail account
  • Settings – General (Default reply behavior, Default text style, My picture, create contacts for auto-complete, Signature, Vacation responder)
  • Settings – Accounts and Import (Change password recovery settings)
  • Settings – Forwarding
  • Find a partner fro sending and receiving e-mails. Compose a message.  Click Inbox.  Click Compose.  Enter e-mail address of partner.  Enter subject.  Enter message. Click Sent.
  • Click Inbox. Read  partner’s message and reply to it.
  • Click Inbox. Read  partner’s message and forward it to your partner.
  • Compose a message with an attachment, a link to an url, and some formatting information (bold, italic, underline, font size and font color).  Then send it to your partner.
  • Go to Contacts.  Add a contact by clicking Add to my contacts icon. Add e-mail address of partner and then click Add. To edit a contact, click on the contact. Make changes.  To delete a contact: select contact and click More and then click Delete contact.
  • A contact group allows to send a message to a group of people
  • To create a contact group: Select contacts that you want to add to a group, click the Groups button,  , then click Create new.
  • To edit a contact group, go to My Contacts. Select contacts to add. Click the Groups button, .  Select the desired contact group.
  • To delete a contact group, select contact group and click More and then click Delete group.
  • Labels help you organize your messages into categories.
  • To create a label: Go to Gmail. On the left side of the page, click More at the bottom of your labels list.    Click Create new label. Type the name of your new label and click Create.
  • To add a message to the new label.  Select a message in Inbox. Click Move to icon and select the desired label.
  • To remove a message from a label.  Select the message in the label, Click Label icon and reset the desired label.
  • To remove a label:  Select label. Click More and Click Manage labels.  Go to Labels section and click remove for desired label.
  • Check Spam


Have the participants do what you did in the Content section.


Have the participants do the following exercises.

  • Send a message with your name and a photo to the instructor.
  • Create a contact group called i-DELTA and move your partner’s email address to it.
  • Create a label called i-DELTA and move a message to it.

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