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HearThis Training Plan


Purpose (Why):

To be able to make a Scripture recording using HearThis

Learning Objectives (What):

  1. The participants will record some Scripture using HearThis
  2. The participants will record some Scripture using HearThis Android
  3. The participants will sync HearThis Android with HearThis

Learning Tasks (How):


Three books were done with multiple readers who will take the various character parts (Luke, Acts, Revelation). We had 3-4 people recording at one time, and two people checking recorded material. During the first few weeks, we worked for approximately 20 days and recorded about 4000 verses; so that averages about 200 verses/day for first draft. I estimate there may be about four weeks of revision and editing left. So I project that the total time for publishable recording will be about 10 weeks for the NT. So two to three months for a basically edited text. That sure beats 14 months!

What is your experience using HearThis?


Show the PowerPoint Presentation.(HearThis.pptx)
Demo recording scripture using HearThis - open project, record, check, next,  skip, font size, two parts


The participants will create a new HearThis project.
The participants will record and play a portion of Scripture.
The participants will install and start HearThis Android.
The participants will sync the HearThis project with HearThis Android.
The participants will record more Scripture using HearThis Android.
The participants will sync again and play the recording.


Computer, projector, Android device



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