The Logos platform is always gaining new Features, but from time to time, something doesn't work quite right.  This page offers general tips for self-troubleshooting, but some problems may take targeted support.  Logos offers excellent technical support to users through https://www.logos.com/support , and Logos users and employees use these forums http://community.logos.com/forums/ to discuss errors, workarounds, and enhancements.

Logos runs slowly

Great power comes with a downside. Logos does take more system resources than many applications, with background tasks, searches, and indexing. Some slowdown is expected, for example when you start Logos or install new resources.

If you experience undue slowdown beyond this, here are some things to check:

How many other programs are running?

As a TW Logos user, we expect that you will be using at least TW and ParaTExt at the same time.  Any other program running on your machine will have to compete for the same limited system resources. Try to get in the habit of closing other programs when you've finished with them. There may be updaters and other programs that run automatically every time you boot your computer, so ask your support person to help you disable them.

How long has it been since you've rebooted?

Few computers can handle being left on for a week without slowing down.  Many tiny errors build up over time and start to weigh the machine down.  If you're the sort of user that regularly puts your machine to sleep or hibernate instead of shutting down, consider a clean reboot every once in a while.

Is Logos indexing?

After installing new resources, Logos scans those new resources to find out what's in them.  This process can be postponed (for four hours at a time), but can't really be avoided.  While indexing, your computer is likely to be sluggish, so it's best to allow Logos to install updates at the end of the day, when your computer can be left alone for a while.  Under Tools>Program Settings>Internet, you can choose a time to download updates that is most convenient to you, for example at 4:50 PM (16:50).

Do you use Vista or Windows 7?

Windows Vista and 7 use a system they call Aero or Desktop Compositon to make toolbars transparent and show previews on your taskbar in real-time.  If you don't have a fast video card, this could be hogging more than 20% of your resorces. If Logos (or FLEx for that matter) is sluggish, I recommend disabling Desktop Composition only when these high-power programs are running, and this is easy to do.  Right Click on the Logos icon on your Desktop or Start Menu and choose Properties. Under the Compatibility Tab, choose Disable desktop composition, then re-start Logos.  Your screen will flash for a moment, and you will see a message near your clock about the change.  You are likely to see a noticeably better response on older machines.  If you really like the new speed you just gained, you could try setting your Theme under Control Panel>Personalization to "Windows 7 (or Vista) Basic" and disable Desktop Composition altogether.

Windows 8 does not use Aero, or Desktop Composition, so this tutorial does not apply.

Logos is Downloading too much! How do I stop it?

See Using Logos with Less-than-ideal internet

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