Download previous Paratext patch files

If you have problems with Paratext, there are times you may need to downgrade to a previous Paratext patch that is not available on the Paratext website. Unfortunately, the previous patch file was deleted from your ParatextUpdate folder as soon as it was installed but there is a xml file  Updateinfo.xml (or UpdateBetaInfo.xml) which contains a log of the patch files that were installed. It also included the URL of the patch.

  1. Using Windows Explorer, go to your local appdata folder
  2. then ...\paratext80\ParatextUpdate 
  3. Open Updateinfo.xml or UpdateBetaInfo.xml
  4. Look for the details of the patch file. (UpdateFile) (see example below)
  5. Copy the URL address into your browser
  6. The file will download.


Sample from XML file
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<Update Priority="Important" Product="Paratext" Version=""> <AppliesToMin></AppliesToMin> <Description LangId="en">Paratext 8.0 patch</Description> <Website>http://update.ubs-icap.org/ParatextTest/patch_8.0.100.75.msp</Website> <UpdateFile FileName="patch_8.0.100.75.msp" Signature="4dc370f5ba59a31c720202093d493975">http://update.ubs-icap.org/ParatextTest/patch_8.0.100.75.msp</UpdateFile> </Update>



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