Stage 3: Preparing for the Consultant check -->

Book Introduction

1: Goal

The participants will process their translation with the help of Paratext, a program created for entering, storing, and checking the translated texts. The course follows the six stages of translation as given in the SIL plan. The first two stages were covered in an earlier manual. This manual covers stages 3-6.

2: Course Objectives

At the end of the course, the participant will be able to:Stage 3: Prepare for a consultant check
1.Prepare a back translation

  • Back translation 1 (free)
  • Back translation 2 (word by word)

2.Complete other checks

  • check references, quoted texts, numbering, unmatched pairs of punctuation, quotations
  • spell checkingStage 4: Consultant Check

All the tasks for this step have been covered in previous modules.Stage 5: Community testing

  • Prepare a progress report.
  • Prepare a Biblical terms report.Stage 6: Finalising for publication
  • Add illustrations et captions
  • Identify the names for any maps to be included.
  • Add an introduction to the NT / Bible
  • Compare the parallel passages
  • Confirm that all the other checks have been completed.
  • Finalize check of proper names.
  • Check numbers, money, weights and measures
  • Final format checks.

Stage 3: Preparing for the Consultant check -->

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