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Course Introduction

1: Introduction


1.1: Goal

The participants will process their translation with the help of Paratext, a program created for entering, storing, and checking the translated texts. The course follows the six stages of translation as given in the SIL base organisational plan. [The four stages of the UBS plan are 1, 2, 5, and 6] There are three manuals in the series. The first deals with tasks that require an administrator. The second covers the first two stages (Stage 1-2). This manual covers the last stages 3-6 (or 3-4 of UBS).


1.2: Course Objectives

At the end of the course, the participant will be able to:Stage 3: Prepare for a consultant check

  • Prepare a back translation
  • Back translation 1 (free)
  • Back translation 2 (word by word)
  • Complete other checks
  • check references, quoted texts, numbering, unmatched pairs of punctuation, quotations
  • spell checkingStage 4: Consultant Check
  • All the tasks for this step have been covered in previous modules.Stage 5: Community testing
  • Prepare a progress report.
  • Prepare a Biblical terms report.Stage 6: Finalising for publication
  • Add illustrations et captions
  • Identify the names for any maps to be included.
  • Add an introduction to the NT / Bible
  • Compare the parallel passages
  • Confirm that all the other checks have been completed.
  • Finalize check of proper names.
  • Check numbers, money, weights and measures
  • Final format checks.

Stage 3: Preparing for the Consultant check -->

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