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Learning Objectives:

  1. Knows to set up Skype
  2. Knows how to make audio/video calls with skype.
  3. Knows how to add people to the contact list.
  4. Knows how to chat on Skype.
  5. Knows how to make a group call

Learning Tasks:



  • Review Skype Checklist.
•Internet Connection
•Webcam (for video calls)
•Skype application
  • Have the participants watch.
  • Install Skype
  • Create an account
  • Setup your account profile.  On the Skype menu, point to Profile and click Edit Your Profile. You can change your picture, your mood, your e-mail address and your phone number.
  • Adjust your privacy settings.  On the Tools menu, click Options.  Click Privacy Settings.  Make choices and click Save.
  • Choose a skype partner. On the View menu, click Contacts.
  • To add a contact:  Click the Add a contact icon.   Click Search Skype Directory.  Enter skype name or email address or name of your skype partner.  Select the desired contact.
  • To accept a contact: click Recent. The message from the person with a question mark as a status icon is the pending contact request.  To accept the contact request, click Accept. The contact is added to your contact list.  Note that the number inside the orange circle represents how many contact requests or instant messages you have pending.
  • To make a test call, click Contacts. From contact list, click Echo/Sound Test Service.
  • To set your online status, click Change your status icon.
  • To call someone on skype, lick Contacts. From contact list, Right-click on the desired contact.  Click Call or Video Call.
  • To chat with the person, click the Show IM icon.  Type in the chat box and click .
  • To turn on the video, click the Turn on video icon.
  • To mute your microphone, click the Mute your microphone icon
  • To add a person to your call, making it a conference call, click. + icon, Then click Add people to this call.
  • To send a file, click + icon. Then click Send files.  Navigate to the file to be sent and click Open.
  • To put someone on hold, on the Call menu click Hold.
  • To hang up, click the End call icon.


Have the participants do what you did in the Content section.


Have the participants call, chat and video call with each other.

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