Temporary new project

If your repository is corrupt

If you are unable to send/receive, and the Verify Repository tool tells you that the repository on your computer is corrupt, the best thing to do is to delete the project from your computer, then do a send/receive and get the project from the Internet server, or from your colleagues (if you do send/receive by USB or from a network folder). 

If you have made changes you have not been able to share

Before you delete your project, you can save your changes to a temporary new project. This involves using the backup to file and restore from file functions that you normally should not use with a shared project, but having a corrupt repository is one of the exceptions to this rule. 

  1. Go to File > Backup Project > To file, and note where on your hard drive Paratext will put the zip file it creates. You can change this folder by clicking Browse. 
  2. After making a backup to file, now do a File > Restore Project > From File, select the zip file Paratext made in step 1 and click Open. Paratext will give you a warning that you normally don't want to do a restore of a shared project (which is true normally, this is a special case where you do want to restore from a shared project). Click "Yes" to continue despite the warning.
    Now click New Project on the top right and Paratext will generate a new project name. You may want to click the "Edit" button in the create project dialog to make the name even more different than the existing project. Click OK and Paratext will make a copy in this new project of all your latest work.
  3. Now delete your existing project, and do a send/receive to get a new copy of it. You can compare your latest work in the temporary new project side by side with your existing project. You can also use the Compare Texts tool to highlight differences between the two projects -- open it up and change one of the panes to show the other project.
  4. You can copy and paste changes from your temporary new project into the existing project, then do send and receive, and your team members should see your changes.
  5. If your changes consist of notes that you added, these notes will be contained in the file comments_your name.xml inside the temporary new project folder. Once you have received a new copy of the existing project, you can copy this file from the temporary new project folder into the shared project folder, then send/receive and your notes should be sent to your colleagues.
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