Course Program 2019

Course Program

LO = Learning Objective

Monday March 11



Session 1: Introduction and Overview 





Course Overview


Discussion Questions

Software to be installed


Session 2a: Language Software Overview


Session 2b: Growth Plan

LO:  To begin or update a growth plan for each participant


Session 3: How to use Lantran.net

LO: The participants will be able to add and update content on the wiki site, inserting images as needed.

Session 4: Language Forge

LO:  The participants will know how to build an online Lexicon using language forge.


Tuesday March 12



Session 1: Paratext 9 - UI

LO: The participants will learn to use and teach the new windowing system in Paratext 9. They will be able to explain the advantages of the new system for translators.

Session 2a: Paratext 9 - Project Plan

LO: The participants will add a base plan to a project and customise the plan as needed.

  • Setting the project scope
  • Apply an organisational plan
  • Tweaking the project plan
  • Configuring task settings
  • Assigning checks to stages
  • Assigning tasks to the team


Session 2b: Teaching a Workshop


Session 3a: LSDev Report


Session 3b:  WSTech Report


Session 4: Regular Expressions



Wednesday March 13



Session  1: Paratext 8 -FLEx Integration


Session 2: Scripture App Builder

LO: The participants will  upgrade to the latest version (5.1), including a necessary SDK upgrade. They will create apps using the new features (e.g. videos/slideshows and keyboards).

  •  create apps which include videos clips
  • embed a keyboard into an app
  • be aware of the possibility to create an app with several chapters and verses.


Session  3: Bloom


Session 4: Problem Solving



Thursday March 14



Session 1:  Paratext 9 - Using the Project Plan

LO: The participants will use the project plan to assign and monitor tasks. The will produce a progress chart.

  • Use the project plan to identify tasks which have been assigned to you.
  • Mark individual tasks as completed for a variety of types of tasks (by project, book or chapter).
  • Mark several chapters as complete through several stages
  • Bulk update the progress of an ongoing project, (i.e. mark complete stages as finished).

Session 2: PrimerPro


Session 3: Paratext 8 - Advanced Topics


Session 4: HearThis


Friday March 15



Session 1: Paratext 9 - Enhanced Resources

LO: The participants will use an Enhanced resource to better understand the source text. They will

  • download/install an enhanced resource and images
  • access definition, encyclopedic and other information on senses of a Greek word
  • list other occurences of verses using a greek word
  • add/modify renderings for terms in a passage


Session 2: Paratext Lite


Session 3: Bloom and Bloom Reader


Session 4 : Problem Solving


Monday March 18



Session 1a: Assignment Review


Session 1b: Paratext 8 - Spell Check


Session 2a: Paratext 8 - Back Translation & Interlinearizer


Session 2b:   Paratext 8 - Project History/Compare Texts


Session 3: Keyman


Session 4: Adapt It



Tuesday March 19



Session 1a: Snapshots


Session 1b: Reading App Builder


Session 2a: Dictionary App Builder


Session 2b: Regular Expressions


Session 3: Keyman


Session 4: Scripture Forge


Wednesday March 20



Session1: Sanpshots


Session 2: Adapt It


Session 3: SayMore

LO: The participants will

  • Create a new SayMore project
  • Add a person to a project
  • Add audio file
  • Transcribe an audio file
  • Archive data to REAP
  • Export transcription to FLEx


Session 4: Evaluation and Debrief



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