Course Program 2021

Course Program and Curriculum 2021

Topic   Description
Introduction and Overview   Introduce staff.
LTU vision - Multiplying Bible translation effectiveness through language technology training and support.
Understand the vision of Language Technology Consultant Training in Africa and the areas we serve
Purpose of LTCT - To develop a base of competent language technology consultants and specialists to resource Bible translation and language development in Africa, by teaching relatively new tools and methods for performing common language software support tasks and by presenting specific problems that occur frequently and discussing their solutions from the combined experience of the group. The participants will gain tools and skills that will make them more effective as language technology consultants or specialists.
Language Software Overview  

Introduction to language software
Be able to identify the various language development domains in your organization and describe the purpose and function of each domain.
Be able to describe the language development process
Understand which software is used for a given language development task through the language development process.

Language Software Overview presentation

Paratext 9.1 New Features and Improvements   Be able to identify and use the new feature of Paratext 9.1. We will demo the new features of version 9.1 and the participates will have opportunities to try out most of the new features.
Growth Plan - Participant Work   A growth plan is a process of creating an action plan based on awareness, values, reflection, goal-setting, and planning for development within the context of a career, education, relationship, or self-improvement. It is an action plan based upon target competencies. It helps you evaluate your current competency. It sets goals. It helps you plan your activities to reach competencies and grow professionally.
New participants will be enrolled in a growth plan where they begin by assessing their current skills, then identify target competencies, and then create/identify activities to reach their target competencies. They will track their progress throughout the year.
Returning participants will update their growth plans and set new targets and milestones to be pursued throughout the year.
LT and Scripture publishing   Practical application to Paratext as applies to Scripture publishing. LT workers will be able to evaluate and correct common Paratext project errors and help the translators leverage Paratext tools for text cleanup prior to consultant checks and typesetting.
Project Plan Setup and Implementation Reports   Project plan setup and implementation is to equip LT workers in helping translation projects align with SIL's mandate to have Paratext project plans implemented
Mentorship- What went well? What did not go well?   The participants will review their mentorship agreements from last year with their partners. First-timers will watch a video on Mentorship.
WSTech - PTXprint?   Covering awareness of whatever is taking place at WSTech. In-depth teaching about PTXprint- How can translators leverage PTXprint before going to the publishing department? How can the community gain from PTXprint?
LT (Paratext) and Translation Consulting   Relationship between Paratext and consulting. LT workers skilled to help consultants be more productive and increase their efficiency during consultant checks
Scripture App Builder   Learn and keep up-to-date with the latest features of Scripture App Builder with practical lessons on how SAB was used in literacy programs in Cameroon.
  • LTDev State of the Union
  • Keyman updates
  • Scripture forge
Teaching a Workshop - Exploring online trends  
  • Understand the trends of planning a workshop
  • Fill out a workshop planning form
LT Websites - Learning online   1)Know to find training materials on Lingtran.net; 2) Know to find and use Paratext registry management on paratext.org; 3)Know to find and use the LT competencies list on lingtransoft.info; 4) Register on https://languagetechnlogy.academy (LTA), signup for a course on LTA and start taking the course on LTA. The LT online courses are also beneficial in helping LT workers grow towards specialists/consultants.
Paratext Lite   Maximizing the usability of Paratext Lite along with Paratext on low power consuming devices in villages where there is a power shortage
REAP-RAMP   REAP - RAMP - Archiving
Bloom Reader   How to produce for and use the Bloom Reader
Bloom. What's New?  
  • Learn the latest features of Bloom and Bloom library
  • Enforce best practices for users
  • Troubleshoot advanced problems for users
Problem Solving   The participants will solve LT problems given to them by the instructors.
Growth Plan and Mentorship groups   Mentorship helps ensure continuous growth through mentorship relationships between LT consultants and specialists. Besides, it helps create accountability between mentors and mentees in the work of language technology. Existing mentorship relationships will be reviewed and new participants will be placed in mentoring relationships that will oversee their development.
Evaluations and Debrief (Closing)   Participants give feedback based on a questionnaire about the course.

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