Course Schedule 2021

Training Schedule LTCT March 2021.

Training Schedule LTCT March 2021.
  Monday 15 Tuesday 16 Wednesday 17 Thursday 18 Friday 19 Monday 22 Tuesday 23 Wednesday 24 Thursday 25 Friday 26 Monday 29
EAT 10:00 AM Devotions Devotions  
EAT 10:30 AM Introduction and Overview (David) Growth Plan (Participant Work) Project Plan Setup and Implementation Reports (Musie) WSTech - PTXprint? (Martin Hosken)
Scripture App Builder
Teaching a Workshop - Exploring online trends
Paratext Lite (Musie) Bloom Reader (Bernard) Growth Plans (Individual work) Evaluations and Debrief (Closing) Growth plan reviews for mentors
EAT 12:30 PM Break Break  
EAT 2:00 PM Paratext 9.1 New Features & Improvements (Kent) LT and Scripture publishing(Heidi) Mentorship- What went well? What did not go well? (Kent) LT (Paratext) and Translation Consulting (John) LsDev (Mike, Marc) LT Websites - Learning online (Kent) REAP-RAMP (Jeremy Nordmoe) Bloom. What's New?
Growth Plan and Mentorship groups (David) Facilitator Debrief Deadline for growth plan and evaluations submissions
EAT 4:00 PM Close Close

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