Paratext 8 Course Manuals

Following SIL's 6 stages of Translation, these manuals are designed as teaching and student materials for a course at any level.

Note: Equivalent manuals for French are available on Outilingua.net. Note: Ce manuel est disponible en français sur Outilingua.net


Paratext Supporters Manual (Wiki)

Download Supporters Manual in A5 PDF

This manual is for those training or supporting users, and it covers tasks like creating, registering, or migrating projects. 

Stages 1-2 (Wiki)

Download Stages 1 and 2 in A5 PDF

This manual covers the basics of Paratext, as well as the steps of drafting and verifying your text.

Stages 3-6 (Wiki)

Download Stages 3-6 in A5 PDF

This manual covers stages 3 through 6, including consultant checks and preparing for typesetting.

Consultant Manual


3 Migration Scenarios

Step-By Step processes for Migrating teams with varying levels of internet access.

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