Temporary new project

Although use of the Paratext command"s "Backup to file" and "Restore to file" are not usually recommended for a shared project using send/receive; this case where your local repository is corrupt and you have made changes you have not been able to send to others, is an exception.

Before deleting your project to retrieve a new copy from the server, you can save a copy of your latest changes in a new temporary project by following these steps.


  1. Make a backup to file of your current project.  ( File > Backup Project to File).
  2. Do a restore from file to create a temporary new project. 
    1. Do File > Restore project from file and select the zip file you made in step 1. (Don't worry about the warning that this is a shared project).
    2. Before clicking "Restore" click the "New Project" button at the top right. Edit the name if you wish to something similar (not identical) to your existing project
    3. Restore to the new project. This temporary new project has all your latest changes.
  3. Now delete your existing project and do a send/receive to get a new copy of it from the server. 

Now you can look at the temporary project and your restored copy of the shared project side by side and see what needs to be added into the shared project. If you made notes in the project since the last send/receive you did, you can update the shared project by closing Paratext, then copying your notes file from the temporary project folder to the shared projects folder. Your notes file will be named notes_your name.xml. 


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