Paratext 9 UI Training Plan

Paratext 9 UI Training Plan

Purpose (Why): To know how to use the new UI features of Paratext 9

Learning Objectives (What):


  1. Be able to identify the new UI features of Paratext 9
  2. Be able to use the new features of Paratext 9
  3. Be able to show someone else how to use the new features of Paratext


Learning Tasks (How):

Paratext 9 UI Powerpoint



Discussion: Why are people not switching to Paratext 9?  What should they switch to Paratext 9?

Watch the Paratext 9 Why change the menus video

Present Paratext 9 UI.ppt  (slide 1-4)

Two big new features:

  • Enhanced Resources
  • New UI systems

New SIL Project Plan


P8 & P9 Compatible



Demo the new UI features of Paratext 9 (slide 5)

  1. Menu for projects and tools
  • Main Menu
  • Project menu
  • Tools menu (Notes, Wordlist, Biblical Terms)
  • Full vs Standard Menu (Toolbar)
  1. Search menus
  • Markers
  • Footnotes
  • Etc.
  1. Open dialog
  • Projects, resources, etc
  • Filter
  • Open as:  Panel, Tab, Floating and Autohide
  • Text collection and saved selections
  1. Windowing framework
  • Move window to float, pinned and unpinned
  • Move to window to tab
  • Move to window to autohide
  • N-Columns layout under Windows
  • Change size
  • Rearrange windows with various types
  • Undo
  • Swap windows
  1. Window layouts
  • Make layout
  • Modify current
  • Save current layout
  • Get P8 saved layouts



The participant will use the new UI features (slide 6)



The participant will show their partner how to use some of the new UI features (slide 7)



The Paratext 9 User Interface

Paratext 9 for Translators videos


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