9 Understanding the vernacular text


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Where are we?

Translation consultants have different practices for how they verify a text, but all of them require some aide to understanding what was communicated in the vernacular.

Why is this important?

The consultant should be aware of all the ways that Paratext can be helpful for interpreting the vernacular to better enable them to understand the vernacular text.

What are we going to do?

We are going to learn how to use:

  • Project Interlinearizer
    • Using Paratext produced word guesses
    • Using Team provided interlinear
  • Back Translation Projects
    • Using back translation daughter project
    • Using a regular project window for back translation


Overview of each feature in Paratext.

Discussion of consultant checking practices

To what extent can these practices be enhanced by Paratext's technology


Create a back translation project for PLKJV project

Much of what is on this wiki is copied from the Paratext help file. Today, you can use the instructions in the help file to learn how to do this:

  1. In the search window at the top right of the Paratext Window, type “Back translation”
  2. Select “How do I set up a back translation project”
  3. Because this needs to be done by the administrator, have your administrator do this, add your names, and then send and receive the text so that you can start to edit it.

Open a Project Interlinearizer window to help interpret PLKJV

  1. Type “Interlinear” into the search window.
  2. Select “How do I open the project interlinearizer”
  3. At the end of the article, there is a link to “What is the Project Interlinearizer”. Click on it.
  4. At the end of this article, there are many links that explain the use. Satisfy your curiosity and figure out how to use it with the help file.

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