FLEX 8 Using text to build lexicon

FLEX 8 - Using text to build lexicon

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Another way to build your lexicon is to take text and run it therough the interlinearizer.  In the interlinearizer you can analyse the words and text and add them to the lexicon

Start FLEx and create a new project called Simple2.

How to add a text to the baseline?

1.In the area, select and click tab.

2.In a text editor, open and copy its contents to clipboard.

3.In FLEx, paste the contents in the clipboard into the .

How to add basic information about the text?

1.Click tab.

2.Enter Lizard and Hyena as the title.

How to interlinearize text in the Analysis tab?

While you are anlyzing the text, it will add enties to the lexcion.

*** means not interlinearized.

Focus box: where you can add the interlinearization.

Interlinearize the first sentence.

1.Click tab.

2.In the menu, point to and click r. In the box,  select , , , , and .  Click .

Interlinearize the first sentence

3.once: Create new entry.  Click the green checkmark (without the plus sign) to approve and move to next box.

4.there: Create new entry, etc.. 

5.was: Variant of to be - past, etc.

  1. a: Create a new entry, etc.
  2. lizard: Create a new entry, etc.
  3. who: Create a new entry, etc.

9.was: Click the green checkmark (without the plus sign) to approve and move to next box.

  1. a: Click the green checkmark, etc
  2. hunter: Edit morph breaks. Add hunt as new word entry and –er as new affix entry.

Have the participants interlinearize the second sentence

Interlinearize the third sentence.

12.one:  Create new entry.  Click the green checkmark (without the plus sign) to approve and move to next box

13.day  Create new entry, etc.

14.he  Create new entry, etc.

15.hunted: Edit morph breaks. Accept hun and add –er as new affix entry.

16.All day long:  Combine together as an idiom. Creat new entry.

17.and:  Create new entry, etc.

18.did: Variant of to do - past, etc

19.not:  Create new entry, etc.

20.any:  Create new entry, etc

21.prey:  Create a new entry, etc.

Have the participants finished the rest of the text


Below is the text of the Hyena and Lizard story:

The Lizard and the hyena

Once there was a lizard who was a hunter.  One day he hunted all day long and did not catch any prey.

Finally, he found some ants and started to eat them.  He ate ants until his stomach was full.

After eating all the ants the lizard was thirsty so he went to the stream to get a drink

Suddenly he heard a noise.  He looked up and saw the hyena coming.  He thought, “What can I do so the hyena will not take me for his prey?”

The lizard had an idea.  He quickly picked up a large stick and started using it as a toothpick.

When the hyena saw the lizard he asked: “what have you been eating that you need such a big toothpick?” 
The lizard answered: “I have been eating smoked hyena meat and when I saw you coming, I cleaned my teeth so I can eat some more that is fresh!”  

When he heard this, the hyena was surprised and went away.

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