New features in Paratext 7.5

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Basic checks now includes a numbers check

Summary: the basic checks now includes a numbers check, to check how you have formatted numbers in your text. This can include whether you have a comma (or other character) separating your thousands, as in 144,000 vs 144000

 You can define the rules for formatting numbers in your project in Checking > Number Settings. Formatting numbers in Scripture references is defined in Project > Scripture Reference Settings.


Markers inventory

Summary: The basic check for markers will flag any markers you have used incorrectly. The new markers inventory in the checking menu can also help you verify that you are using markers consistently within different books in your project. To bring up the markers inventory, go to Checking > Markers Inventory.




Checklist for markers

Summary: The checklist now has a markers option, which lets you compare how markers are used in your project, compared with any other project (a resource, or project in a related language). You can find this by going to Tools > Checklists > Markers. Click the Comparative texts button to select another project to compare with yours.


Checklist for section headings

Summary:  The checklist for section headings will let you compare the section headings in your project with those in another project (that you can select in Comparative texts). Find this by going to Tools > Checklists > Section Headings

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Bible modules

Summary: Paratext has a tool for extracting specified verses into another document. This can be used for lectionaries, or in making a script for an audio or video production quoting Scripture. There is a series of two videos about this.

Video part 1:


Video part 2:



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