Logos for Beginners Video-based Training

Introduction to Logos

What follows is a curated list of training videos from Logos/Faithlife and SIL.  The ones from Logos/Faithlife are basic to how Logos operates and are important to know in order to begin using Logos effectively.  The SIL videos are specific to Bible translation practitioners who want to use the Translator's Workplace collection of resources.  For videos on more advanced Logos feature go to Logos Help Center.

Watch these videos from Logos/Faithlife:

Logos for Beginners

Set your Preferred Bible

Prioritize Resources

What are Layouts and How Do I Use Them?

Link Sets


Passage Guide

How to Compare Bible Translations


Bible Word Study Guide

Customizing  Logos to Use Translator's Workplace (TW) Collection

The link below goes SIL Language Technology Use department's collection of Logos training videos.  They are meant to suppliment the excellent training materials provided by Logos/Faithlife.  They show how to begin working with the Translator's Workplace (TW) collection of resources and feature resources developed by UBS and SIL specifically for Bible translation.  There is a video about how to configure Logos and Paratext to scroll together when needed. There is also a more advanced video about how to access Logos resources from within Paratext.  (More Paratext training material can be found on the Paratext website, Paratext Homepage

SIL TW/Logos Videos






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