Extract images from a Word file

Option 1 : save as html (doc and docx)

  1. Open the .doc or docx file in Word
  2. In the File menu choose save as
  3. Select the folder to save the file to and choose a name
  4. For save as file type choose htm/html
  5. You will find a subfolder _files in the folder you saved the file to
  6. This folder contains the images of the document

Option 2 : unzip (only for docx)

  1. Locate the .docx file on your harddrive
  2. Rename the .docx file to .zip
  3. Right click on the file and choose unzip / extract to folder
  4. A folder with same name as your zip file will be created
  5. Open this folder and look for a folder named word
  6. In the word folder you will find a subfolder named media
  7. This media folder contains the images from the .docx document

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