Paratext 7.5 Course 1

Paratext 7.5 Course 1 Description

  • The Paratext 7.5 Course 1 provides Introductory training in how to use the Paratext software for Bible translation. The course is designed for national translators with little or no experience with Paratext.

  • See Necessary Files below for the Course Handbook (PDF) and Practice Project for the Paratext 1 Course.

Course Contents

Paratext Basics

  • Opening/Closing Paratext
  • Opening Closing Projects/Resources
  • Navigating in Paratext
  • Typing Text
  • Saving Your Work

Arranging Windows

  • Automatically Arranging Windows
  • Swapping Window Locations
  • Saving Your Window Arrangement
  • Opening Multiple Projects/Resources in a Single Window

Markers 1

  • \v - Verse Number Markers
  • Combining Verses
  • \p - Paragraph Markers
  • \s - Section Heading Markers
  • \q - Poetry\Quotation Markers

Mark Point in Project History

  • What is Mark Point in Project History?
  • Using Mark Point in Project History
  • Using Mark Point in Project History for Related Projects
  • Using Mark Point in Project History for Multiple Projects

Checking 1 - Basic Checks

  • Chapter/Verse Numbers Check
  • Markers Check

Send/Receive 1 - The New Backup

  • Doing Send/Receive to a USB Drive
  • Doing Send/Receive to the Internet
  • Doing Send/Receive to a Network Shared Folder
  • Doing Send/Receive with Multiple People

Project Notes 1

  • Creating a Project Note
  • Viewing a Note
  • Responding to a Note
  • Sharing Project Notes

Using a Special Keyboard in Paratext

  • Using a Special Keyboard for a Project
  • Using a Regular Keyboard for a Project


Necessary Files

You will need the following files for the Paratext 1 Course/Handbook.  Please see Installing Practice Projects for instructions how to setup Practice Projects on your computer.


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