Create a new project from a FLEX Lift File

Create a new project using a FLEX Lift File in WeSay

1.  Creating LIFT File:

    a.  Open the FLEX project you wish to create a lift file for.

    b.  Click on File and click Export.

    c.  Scroll down in the Export box.  Click on Full Lexicon...LIFT 0.13 XML and then click Export.

    d.  Choose where you want to say the LIFT file on your computer, name the file, and then click save.

2.  Creating new project from the LIFT File:

    a.  Open the WeSay.  If this is the first time you open it, it will automatically start with the WeSay Confirguration Tool box.  If not, it will open the with the last project you are working on.

    b.  To open the WeSay Configuration Tool box for Windows users, click Windows button in far bottom left corner to display programs on your computer.

    c.  Scroll down to WeSay program, click on it, then click on WeSay Confirguaration tool.

    d.  Once the confirguartion tool box opens, click on Create new project from a set of plain LIFT files.

    e.  Click on the box to the right of Where is the LIFT file? and select the file you saved previously.

    f.  Name the Project and then click ok.

   g.  The next part of the WeSay Configuration Tool will open allowing you to set the features for the project.


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