Bloom 3 To Add Text

To Add Text

To add text in a Textbox in Bloom, do the following:

  1. Click on the textbox to activate it. Then start typing text in the language designated in the right bottom corner.
  2. To change the format of the text, click on the Gear icon on left bottom corner.

    The Format dialog box appears. 

    In the Style Name tab, in the Style box, change to the desired style.

    In the Characters tab, in the Font box , change to the desired font and then change to the desired font size for the given style.

    In the More tab, you can change the font type to bold, italic and.or underline.  You can change the alignment to left or center.  You can add borders and background shading.
  3. If you need special characters, you can hold the base key and a selection of alternate choices will be displayed.  Select the desired choice and then release the key.
  4. When done, click anywhere outside of the textbox.

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