Converting a Pt8 project

Convert project


If you have ever needed to rename your project, reduce the size of your project, change user names, change the encoding or struggled with composed/decomposed diacritics, then the convert project tool will help you solve these problems.

Where are we?

You must be the administrator of the project to do these conversions.

Why is it important?

Although, it is possible to make some changes to existing projects through the project and setting dialogs, several major changes require that a new project is created. Using the convert project dialog allows the new project to keep the project history.

What are we going to do?

We will work through the six changes that can be made to your project.
 Changing the short name of the project
 Removing deleted files from the project history
 Clean up Paratext Live history
 Convert encoding to 65001 – Unicode (UTF8)
 Normalising – composed or decomposed
 Replacing old User names


This module shows how to:

To convert a project

 From the Tools menu, choose Advanced, then Convert Project

Changing the short name of the project

 Confirm that the old name of the project is correct. (If not, close the dialogue and click in the correct project window, and access the dialog again.)
 Enter the new short name for the project in

Removing deleted files from the project history

Select this if you have deleted files (such as large illustration files) that you no longer want to be part of project history and no longer want in the project repository.

Clean up Paratext Live history

Select this if you have edited the project with Paratext Live and want to replace names in the project history.

Convert encoding to 65001 – Unicode (UTF8)

Select this to convert a standard project encoding to Unicode. NOTE: This will not work to change the encoding if your project has a "hacked font".

Normalising – composed or decomposed

Select Composed (NFC) or one of the options in the drop-down list if the data in your project was created using a mix of composed and decomposed characters. (See the Guide for more details).

Replacing old User names

 Select the name of the user you want to replace from the drop-down list.
 Enter the name of a registered Paratext user in this box.
 Add, a summary of the replacement appears, with a "Remove" button.
 (Click Remove if you either made a mistake in typing the name in the "With" field OR decide not to make the replacement.)

Convert the project

 Click OK to convert the project.  See the note in the guide regarding shared projects.

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