How to tell Paratext which images are for print and which are for electronic outputs

We hope that some day the Paratext interface will provide a means to specify output intents for figures, such as checkboxes for print, app, web, and other customizable outputs.

However, until that day arrives, when you insert a figure, the recommended convention is to use the Location field in this special way: 

  • Put ‘p’ if the image is to be used in print outputs. 
  • Put ‘a’ if the image is to be used in app outputs.
  • Put ‘w’ if the image is to be used in Web outputs. 
  • Combine codes if for multiple outputs. E.g. ‘aw’ for app and Web.
  • It’s OK to leave location empty if the image is to be used in all outputs.

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If you do this, it's recommended that you add the following line to the top of the FRT book:

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\rem Figures in this project may employ the Location field to indicate that the image is intended only for one or more specific outputs, according to the following codes: p = print; a = app; w = Web. If the Location field is empty or contains other characters than these, it is not indicating a restricted output intent.

When you use "Export to PDF" in PT9 (called "Print Draft" in prior versions of Paratext), to exclude images that are only for app or web outputs, ensure that your Paratext project folder contains a file named PrintDraftChanges.txt, and this file contains the following rules:

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# FILTER OUT FIGURES # Hide figures that are tagged in the loc field only for app (a) or web (w), not print (p). '(?i)\\fig ([^|]*\|){3}([aw]+)\|[^\\]*\\fig\*' > '' # USFM2 '(?i)\\fig [^\\]* loc="[aw]+"[^\\]*\\fig\*' > '' # USFM3
Your typesetter / app creator will need to use similar rules to filter out figures that do not belong in the output that they are creating. Details can be found here.
In the case of PtxPrint, this is simply a matter of checking the box for "Omit pictures meant only for Web or app".

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