Looking for Bible Facts

Logos Bible Software provides ways to look for people, places, and things in the Bible. To search for Bible facts, click on the Tools menu, as shown here:

BibleFacts ToolsMenu

With Collections selected under Library, note the phrase Bible Facts under Bible Reference. Select Bible Facts. This opens up a new window.

Let’s assume that you want to find about the place, "Macedonia". In the search window for Bible Facts, enter “Macedonia” (without the quotes). A new window will open as follows:

BibleFacts DropDownBox

As you enter the word “Macedonia”, you will see the drop down box listing suggestions related to Macedonia. In this case, click on Macedonia, the first item in the drop down list. A window will open with the following information.

BibleFacts Macedonia

Note in the left column, at the top, the general information and verses associated with Macedonia. You can also look for information on Macedonia under DICTIONARIES, LEMMAS, REFERRED TO AS, and SEE ALSO.

In the same way, you can find facts about people, such as “Paul”, and things, such as “gold”.

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