Basic Search

One of the ways to find information in any resource is by doing a basic search. Start by clicking on the magnifying glass icon, BasicSearch MagnifyingGlass . This opens the Search Panel, as shown below:

BasicSearch SearchPanel

Another way to open the Search Panel is by pressing the key sequence Alt + S.

Look at the Search Helps bulleted list in the Search Panel. Notice the list of different kinds of searches below it, such as “All the Words” or “Any of the Words”. As an example, let’s do a search for “Son of Man” in the resource, “Translator’s Notes On Luke: Display”.

  1. First, open the resource.
  2. In the Find query box, enter the phrase “Son of Man”, including the quotes.
  3. Click on My Content and select the resource title, “Translator’s Notes On Luke: Display”. (Notice that this resource is also known as “TN Luke”).
  4. Finally, click the arrow,  BasicSearch RightArrow , on the right side of the Find query box.

The search results will be listed in the Search Panel under “LIBRARY RESULTS”. For example, click on “Son of Man” under the title, “Section 5:17-26 Jesus healed a paralyzed man” under “LIBRARY RESULTS”. This causes the resource, “Translator’s Notes On Luke: Display”, to scroll to the verse 5:24a, as shown below:

BasicSearch Luke5 24a

On the right side of the Find query box, there is a small triangle, BasicSearch FindQueryBox . Click on the triangle to see a history of recent searches that you have done. Click on any of the listed searches to see the given search results again.

Also, there are a variety of actions available for searching. To see these optional actions, click on the small triangle to the lower-right of the magnifying glass icon in the Search Panel, BasicSearch DropDownSearchMenu . These optional actions are shown below:

BasicSearch SearchOptions

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