Look for Information on a Topic Using the Topic Guide

The Topic Guide helps you to collect information about a topic or concept. Click on the menu, Guides, at the top of the Logos Bible Software application. Then select Topic Guide.

Assume that you want to gather information about the city, Jerusalem. Enter the word Jerusalem, in the reference box. Then you can either hit the enter key on your keyboard, or click the search arrow, BasicSearch RightArrow  , to open the guide. Then click on Layouts on the right side of the Toolbar, and choose the layout for 1 Tile to make the Topic Guide fill the whole window in the Logos Bible Software application. Here is an example of what you may see:

UsingTopicGuide Jerusalem

Results will be generated for sections that contain information for the given passage. Sections that contain no information for the given passage will be gray, and will say “no results”. When you move the cursor over any of the given items, the row turns blue, as follows:

UsingPassageGuide BlueShadeWithXonTheRight

If you click on the “X” on the right side of the row, this item will be removed from this display of the Topic Guide.

If you want to add other sections, click on “Add” at the upper-right of the report, and select the sections that are bold.

In this case, the Topic Guide includes the following sections.


When you click on the phrase, JERUSALEM, you have the option of entering a Title and Description for this guide.


The definition includes a link to The New Bible Dictionary for the word, “Jerusalem”. It also includes the following links:

  • links to search throughout your library for other related words or phrases, for example, “City of God”, or “Holy City”.
  • links to search throughout your library for related topics, for example, “Destruction of Jerusalem”, “New Testament Jerusalem”, or “Old Testament Jerusalem”.
  • Other related topics, such as “Ariel (Jerusalem)”.


This includes “Key Verses” on the topic that you are studying, which is "Jerusalem” in this case. It also includes the section “See Also” that contains links to many other bible verses that relate to the topic that you are studying.


This may be empty when you start using Logos Bible Software. But if you add resources to your library that contain images, maps, graphics, etc., this item will be enabled and will list these resources.


If people are specifically mentioned by name in the passage you are studying, previews are generated from this report. For the topic, Jerusalem, there are links to bible passages for People in Jerusalem, People in Jerusalem (Apostles’ Time), and Others with Paul and Barnabas, followed by other links.


For the topic “Jerusalem” Biblical Places include passages that refer to “Jerusalem”, an image of Christ on the cross, and maps of Jerusalem. Other topics may include dictionary articles that apply to the given location.


This may be empty when you start using Logos Bible Software. But if you add other resources to your library, this item will be enabled and will list these resources.


For the topic “Jerusalem”, there are links to events such as “People in Jerusalem”, “Others with Paul and Barnabas”, “Greeks seeking Jesus”, and other links. Each event includes a list of links to bible passages. Click on a passage to open your default bible directly to the passage.


This includes locations of your topic in any or all of your custom search collections. The following collections are listed for the topic, “Jerusalem”:

UsingTopicGuide Collections


This requires Internet access. This web site contains images and videos about the Christian faith. You need to pay for the images and videos that you want. This web site has content related to the topic “Jerusalem”. In this case, this includes pictures of Jerusalem.


This requires Internet access. For the topic “Jerusalem”, this includes a web link to “Wikipedia: Jerusalem”.

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