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Logos Bible Software has special ways to search biblical resources, such as bibles, commentaries, and other resources. Start by clicking on the magnifying glass icon, BasicSearch MagnifyingGlass   . This opens the Search Panel. Next select “Bible” as the search type, as shown below:

BibleSearch SearchPanel

Note the search option, “All Bible Text”. If you click on this phrase, you are given the option to narrow your search within “Words of Christ” only, rather than all of the Bible text, as shown below.

BibleSearch AllBibleText Option

The option, “All Passages”, lets you narrow your search to specific books. Examples are “Old Testament”, “New Testament”, “Poetic Books”, and many other options.

The option, “Authorized Version”, lets you pick which Bible, Series, or other collection of biblical resources you can search. The following is an example of what you may see. As you scroll the list vertically, you will see numerous other Bibles listed.

BibleSearch BiblesDropdown

Select “Top Bibles”. Then, as an example, enter "Holy Spirit" in the “Find” box. Next, click the arrow, BibleSearch SearchArrow  , at the end of the “Find” box. Select “Grid” as a way to display the “Find” results. You will get search results something like what you see below:

BibleSearch SearchHolySpirit

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