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Taking notes during consultant checking

Where Are We?

In the last lesson, we learned how to share projects with send and receive. This lesson presupposes that you have been added to the project as a translator or consultant. We will now learn how to take notes during a checking session.

Why is this important?

Every consultant needs to document his or her recommendations to the team. After the checking session, a checking report is drawn up. The report is both for the benefit of the translation team so that they can verify that they have taken into account all of the advice of the consultant. But this report is also sent to a supervisor or translation coordinator. This provides accountability so that if questions about the translation arise later, it is possible to go back and consult the reports to see what the consultant recommended.

What are we going to do?

We will take some notes as if we were in a checking session. When the checking session is finished, we will copy the notes into a consultant report. Later we will check to see if the team has actually resolved the issues or not.


Restore the saved window arrangement from the previous lesson. Click on Windows and activate Stacked 2 Columns if it is not already active (check mark beside it). Add the project PLKJV to your desktop and save the combination.

Exercise 1: Mark a point in the project history

Exercise 2: Taking notes

Exercise 3: Viewing notes

Exercise 4: Creating the consultant report

Note The Notes Report tool in Paratext 7.4 has gone away and in 7.5 it is accomplished by following the steps in the video below. In the Notes List window, go to the Edit menu and choose Copy All Notes, then paste into your other document.

If you want to see the old video about the Notes Report tool in Paratext 7.4,
Click here

Exercise 5: Working with and resolving notes

Advanced Exercises: Assigning Notes, Custom note types


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