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Bloom - To Add Image

To add an image in the Image frame in Bloom, do the following.

  1. Click on the image frame to activate it. Then do one of the following.
  • Click on the Change Image icon in the upper right hand corner.  The Image Toobox dialog box appears. The Art Of Reading button is selected by default. Other sources of pictures you can use are Scanner, Camera, and File.

    To insert a picture from the Art of Reading collection, click the Search box. Type a word that describes what you want to see in a picture.  For example, you can type man, woman, tree, house, and so on. To begin the search, you can press the Enter key, or you can click the Search button.

    If one or more pictures matched the word you typed, those pictures appear. A scroll bar appears if there are many pictures. Click the picture that you want to use.  Notice that in the right side of the Image Toolbox, you see a larger view of that picture, and some copyright metadata. This metadata is part of the Art Of Reading file.  Select the picture and click OK.

    Now you see the picture instead of the picture placeholder. If you hold your mouse pointer over the picture, you see another button. It is the green Copyright icon . Click on this button to see the metadata.

    Again, if your picture came from a scanner, camera or a file on your computer, you could click this button to edit your picture metadata.

    To insert an image from a file, click the File button.  Navigate to the desired file and then select it and click Open.  Then click Set up metadata to enter the copyright information.  Fill in the Credit, Copyright & License dialog box as appropriate.  Then click OK.Then click OK.
  • If your image is in the clipboard, then click on Paste Image icon on the lower right hand corner. To setup the metadata, in the upper left hand corner, click Question Mark icon.
  1. To crop an image, click Change Image icon.  The Image Toolbox dialog box appears.

    Click Crop icon.  Adjust the bars as desired to show the portion of the image you want to see.  Click OK.

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