WeSay Overview

WeSay – Overview

WeSay helps non-linguists build a dictionary in their own language.

  • WeSay is customizable and task-oriented.
  • WeSay uses a standard xml format.
WeSay - Need

Around the world, speakers of lesser known languages are eager to develop their own languages. Part of that development will mean collecting stories for publication and developing a dictionary. In many cases, they are limited to working with limited experience with computers.

WeSay - Solution

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Task oriented
  • Available on hardware appropriate to the environment
  • Support data sharing
  • Empower communities to do their word collection
WeSay – Configuration Tool
  • Different application for setting up a project
  • Enable and disable tasks
  • Select language to use for user interface
  • Set up writing system
WeSay - Program
  • Can use a comparative word list.
  • Can use semantic domains
  • Can have pictures
  • Can have example sentences
  • Can do backups
  • Can export to SFM
  • Can interface with Lexique Pro

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