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Send and Receive

Introduction (4 min)

In this lesson you will learn how to share data with other Paratext users in a translation team using the built-in send and receive functionality of Paratext.

Where are we?

As a consultant, you would like to be added to a translation teams's project so that you can receive their text, Biblical terms, back translation, and/or interlinear text. You will use this as your reference before, during, and after a checking session.

Why is this important?

Paratext 7 permits users to share a translation project between multiple users and computers. By receiving their project via Send and Receive, you have access to all of the data, not just a paper document. You can provide helpful comments to the team during the translation work before the checking session and follow their progress in the future.

What are we going to do?

  • You will learn how to configure “users, roles, and permissions” in case you need to help the team administrator to set this up.

You will learn how to add your name to their project as a consultant and how to receive their data in your Paratext via a thumbdrive or the Internet.

Setting up Send/Receive

Receiving a new project

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