Turn off Logos internet use when visiting a low bandwidth area

If you have installed Logos, and are preparing a visit to a location with slow or poor Internet, here is what you do to make sure Logos does not bog down your computer or the Internet connection during your trip.

Before you leave, run Logos and let it do all the updates it wants on your travel laptop.

Just before you leave, tell Logos not to use the Internet. Go to Tools > Program settings.  (Program Settings is towards the bottom of the second column). 
Logos Tools Programsettings

Scroll down the Program settings a ways, when you see Internet switch Use Internet to Off.
Logos Interneton
You've now told Logos to not use the Internet and you'll be safe using it with your slow Internet connection.

If you arrive and realize you've forgotten to turn off Logos internet use, you can make sure it doesn't start an update over the poor connection by starting Logos when the internet connection is inactive. Logos may work for a while, tell you it cannot connect and ask if you want to work offline. Say 'yes', then go through the procedure to turn off Internet use, and it won't use it when the Internet is active.

When you get back to your good Internet connection area, go back to Tools > Program Settings and turn Use Internet back on.

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