Scripture App Builder Day 1

Session 1: Scripture App Builder


  • Participants will be able to explain the importance of building and distributing apps as well as the process for obtaining appropriate permissions from authors/creators for the media used.
  • Participants will build their first Scripture app using text from Paratext files (USFM) – Mwaghavul and Marghi TNT.

Write on easel chart "Today's Topics" Why Scripture App Builder?

Do I need permission?

Build a Scripture App
Build a Hymn App
Build a Bible Story App
Build an app with a Content menu


  • Show Toilet Paper - Emma video.
  •  Ask, "Where is your phone?" Most every adult will have one with them. 
  • ​Discuss "Country-level-digital assessment document.docx" as a way to know how to be a champion for your country.


  • Show PPT (when getting to copyright issues, do activity about "there are 2 kinds of people”, those that save/not, those that read emails/not, morning/night people, open source/copyright restriction people)
  • ​Demo 4 apps (include Scripture, hymn, Bible storybook, literacy)
  • Go through folder structure of Course/Scripture App Builder
  • Together, build an app for Mwaghavul of just John and have each participant read a screen of the wizard out loud.


  • Build an app for Mwaghavul containing all the NT. Ask what they forgot to do before they built the app? (Answer: to ask permission)

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