Bloom Training Guide

Get Bloom 

Click this link:


Then click 'Download bloom' Bloompic

It will take you to the download page where you can choose the version of Bloom that will work with your computer or laptop depending on which Windows processor you have.

Click on the version you want to download  Bloomversion

Get Art Of Reading

"The Art Of Reading is an optional addition to Bloom that gives you easy access to over 10,000 black & white illustrations from around the world, now with an even more permissive Creative Commons license, BY-SA."

Staying on the download page, scroll down to the section heading 'Art of Reading'. Read through the section and decide if you want to download it to have access to an awesome picture database...here's a hint, you want to!

So, click the red 'Art Of Reading' button seen here:   Art Of Reading   

or click the link here:  Art Of Reading 

Then, download the version that works with your device.

For a Linux read and follow the instructions for installing Bloom on Linux and download the version that works with your device.

Videos To Learn Bloom

Bloom is really user-friendly, but there are some training videos on the website you can watch to quickly become an expert.

On the same download page as 'Art of Reading', scroll down further to the section heading 'Help getting started and learning Bloom' and click on the red 'Bloom training videos'  

Bloomvideos  or click the link here: Bloom training videos

Start with “Bloom: Who it is for” for brief introduction to Bloom. 

There are 32 videos total. Most of the videos are short and purposeful, between 2-5 minutes with a couple that reach 10 minutes. The Bloom training videos are downloadable so that you can store them on your computer and watch without an internet connection, or as the website suggests, share them with people who don't have internet or good internet connection. There are High-resolution videos or Low-resolution videos (smaller files) available. 


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