Advanced Features

AF: Advanced Features of AI



This module gives you ideas of where to find information on the more advanced features of Adapt It.

Where we are

You have been working on Adapt It using the basic features as needed and hopefully adapted the majority of your text. However there will no doubt be times when you need some other feature of Adapt It that hasn't been covered in this course.

Why this is important

It is impossible to cover all the features of a program in such a short course so it is important to know where you can find information on how to use the additional features. There is a range of materials available to help you when needed. This document gives brief instructions and points you to either the help or the resource documents included at the end of the course notes.

Editing the Knowledge base

Adapt It is able to automatically make some corrections to the knowledge base however there will be times when you need to makes changes.

Menu: Tools > Knowledge Base Editor (ctrl+k)

See Help topic: Editing a knowledge base

See: the documents entitled Adapt_It_Quick_Start.htm (Inspecting the knowledge bases) and Adapt It Reference.doc (page 81 - Knowledge Base Editor…).

Consistency Check

After changing the knowledge base it is useful to perform a consistency check to ensure that the text is consistent with the changes

Menu: Edit > Consistency check

See Help topic: Consistency checking

See: the document entitled Adapt_It_Quick_Start.htm (Topic: How to recover from a corrupted knowledge base).

Printing a list of retranslations

It is useful to print a list of retranslations. This allows you to see if there are similar texts that are being retranslated consistently.

Menu: Tools > Retranslation Report

See Help topic: Retranslation report

See: the document entitled Adapt_It_Quick_Start.htm (Topics: "Editing a retranslation" and "Removing a retranslation") and Adapt It Tutorial.doc (Topic: Retranslating a long section of source text).

Copying an adaptation project to another computer

If you want to copy your project to another computer you need to copy the adaptation folder and then rebuild or restore your knowledgebase. Adapt It also has a pack document feature which allows you to share your data with others.

Menu: File > Pack Document

See also Help Topic: Packing and unpacking documents

Help Files

Adapt It WX now has help documentation provided online at Adapt-It.org. There are also a number of resource documents that have been included in your program files folder.

Menu: Help > Help Topics,
Help > Adapt It Quick Start Help

See: several documents in C:\Program Files (x86)\Adapt It WX Unicode.

  • Adapt_It_Quick_Start.htm.
  • Adapt It Tutorial.doc

  • Adapt It Reference.doc

  • Help_for_Administrators.htm

See the online help. Press F1 will display the help screen.

List of resource material provided for this course


Course Modules:

GS: Getting Starting AI (Trainer copy only)

BA: The Basics of Adapt It

BF: Backing Up Files

EP: Exporting to Paratext

AF: Advanced Features of AI

Additional materials (from program files folder)

Menu: Administrator > Help for Administrators (HTML)

Help_for_Administrators.htm (Trainer copy only)


Adapt It Tutorial.doc

Adapt It Reference.doc


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