Google Drive File Stream

What is Google Drive File Stream?

SIL International uses an enterprise version of G-Suite that provides SIL accounts the capability to use a Google Drive application and access Google Drive just as you would any other storage media within your File Explorer. You can ONLY access full enterprise Google Drive privileges if you have a SIL email account or a corporate account with Google. 

With Google Drive, you can open your files from your computer’s Drive folder on the desktop or from your browser. Files you create with Google Docs open in your browser or mobile app. 

What are some of the Enterprise features of Google Drive?

Accessing Google Drive with your SIL email account allows you to share resources as an organization. Not only can you access My Drive like your regular gmail account but you have the ability to access a Shared Drive. 
In the shared Drive, all organizational relevant files are shared with relevant parties and protected at the organization level. It allows better collaboration for all field offices. For instance, since most users stay a long time before visiting the Entebbe office and accessing the server, now we can work remotely.

One can also install*¹ the Google Drive File Stream application.
The Google Drive File Stream application allows you to install a virtual drive on your computer that will appear like a local disk. This allows you to access files locally from your file explorer with the flexibility of having your files offline and cached on your computer.


With Google File Stream, you can now see both My Drive and Shared Drive once you open the virtual Google Drive File Stream partition.



What if I have other files created with regular applications?

Other files in your Drive folder will open in their regular applications on your computer. These could be Microsoft Office files (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Adobe Reader files with .pdf extensions or picture files with .jpeg, tif, jpg or png files, etc.

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