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Translator's Workplace Logos Edition soon at parity with Folio

If you are not aware, there has been significant effort over recent years to make the Logos Bible Software-based version of Translator’s Workplace equal to and greater than the TW Folio edition. With this next release from Logos coming around March 20, 2017, we will have achieved this milestone. There will be 160+ new resources including most of the French LPDT resources. The Logos platform allows us many advantages – not least of which, Faithlife continues to upgrade their software and provide us many excellent resources at virtually no cost to us. The Logos infrastructure also makes it possible for us to release updates and new resources seamlessly to end-users through Logos’ online update mechanism. You will see us adding resources and improvements to the Logos version of Translator’s Workplace going forward and for that reason we encourage you to consider purchasing a license to TW Logos. To purchase a license to TW Logos, please visit: http://www.sil.org/resources/publications/tw

For a full list of items in the new TW-Logos you can download: https://www.sil.org/sites/default/files/tw_logos_resource_list-final-combined.pdf

There are some resources that we have not moved forward because of either licensing restrictions out of our control, or shortage of technology manpower. You can see the items not being brought forward listed at the end of the above document. The major item that will not be in this release is BART. But we are working towards making that available in the near future. You can also see many of the major items given to us by Faithlife by searching for Logos in the above document.



Bringing the familiarity of Folio's TW Menu to Logos

TW Menu
One of the major new resources in this new update is a TW Menu (similar to the one in Folio). After opening Logos, type “SL_TWMENU” or “TW Menu” (without quotes) in the top search box. Then click on “Open Translator’s Workplace Menu”. You can see below that all of the familiar subject categories are listed so you can navigate to all major resources in this menu, much as you had in Folio. You can then open any menu by clicking on the + symbol and close it back by clicking on the – symbol.
Do you have questions about how to do something in TW Logos that you used to be able to do in TW Folio? Please post your questions to the TW Faithlife Group - you can find a link to the group in your "Faithlife Notifications" section in your Logos Home page in the application. It is labeled "SIL Translator's Workplace."
There are also excellent tips and tricks for TW Logos available here:



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