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Some have created Bible Modules to share.

Bible Story Books

Wonderful Plan of God Booklets

The "Wonderful Plan of God” Scripture selections were prepared  initially for Luke Partnership projects, to provide an overview of Scripture for those who may not go on to a full scale translation project.  The focus of these 5 booklets is on the unfolding of God’s plan of salvation, from creation through to the prophecies of Revelation.

The original English version of the "Wonderful Plan of God" booklets in Microsoft Word and instructions for use can be downloaded from here.

The links to the Bible modules for use in Paratext are in the table below.  A How to video is available to help you prepare the Bible module.

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Wonderful Plan of God modules (zipped)

English English
Wonderful Plan of God modules (zipped) English Original


Children's Bible Story Book (BSI)

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Children's Bible Story book (BSI) English English


The Bible Society of India produces a lovely Children's Bible with a panoramic overview of the whole Bible. This module allows you to gather the text together in order to start creating the Children's Bible.

Compiled Christmas Story

This is a combined account of the Christmas story from the Gospels of Matthew, Luke, and John

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The Christmas Story

English English


Stories of the Lives of the Prophets (Beta)

This module contains references to prophets from Adam to Jesus to People of Faith. Also, many of these portions contain a section of Commentary referencing other Scripture sources that confirm these prophetic writings.

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Lives of the Prophets Modules

English English
  English Original



Revised Common Lectionary for Vernacular Translation

Link Language Versification
Revised Common Lectionary English English
Revised Common Lectionary English Original


Catholic Lectionary for Vernacular Translation

Link Language Versification
RomanCatholic_ABC.zip English English
  French Original


Jesus Film (with Old Testament background references)

Link Language Versification
Jesus Film English English

Topicalized Lists

Key Verses of the Bible

Link Language Versification
Key Verses of the Bible English English

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