LTCT2016 Wesay Wordlist

Build a Wordlist in WeSay

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1.         Start WeSay.

2.         The WeSay dialog box appears

3.         To add words using SIL CAWL, click CAWL.Word List. The CAWL Word List dialog box appears. Enter words.

Click Dictionary Browse.  Note parts of speech, meaning and semantic domain are filled automatically.

4.         Click Home.  Click Semantic Domains. The Semantic Domain dialog box appears. Go to another category.  Enter words with meaning. Click Dictionary Browse.  Add parts of speech, if desired.

5.         Click Home. Click Dictionary Browse.  Add word as desired.

Semantic domains are

  1. Universe
  2. Person
  3. Language and thought
  4. Social behavior
  5. Daily life
  6. Work
  7. Actions
  8. States
  9. Grammar

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