Scripture App Builder Day 1B

Session 2-3: Scripture App Builder 

Review Session 1 for training components


  • Participants will build a hymnbook app using Notepad++.
  • Participants will build a storybook app using Notepad++.



  • Show “Cat Herders” video as a way to encourage getting back from break on time.



  • Use Hymnbook 2.txt to build app. Open in Notepad++, study the SFM markers and add a third song “Happy Birthday to you” and “Amazing Grace” with markers.
  • Build Hymn app.
  • Participants use Unmerciful Servant for Notepad++ to build app.



  • Build a Hymn app with an additional song “Amazing Grace”
  • Build a Bible Story app using the script and pictures from Creation for Notepad++.docx. Put the text into Notepad++ and adding USFM markers.



  • Ticket out the door: What 2 things you learned this morning. What 1 question do you have?

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