LTCT2016 FLEx - Export

FLEx 8 Export

Learning Task 1 – Configure and export a Classified Dictionary

1.      From Lexicon, choose Classified Dictionary

2.      Right-click any element (semantic domain, word, definition) and choose configure

3.      Configure as necessary.

4.      From the File menu choose Export

5.      Choose Classified Dictionary XHTML, Export

6.      Type a name for the file

7.      Two files are created: and XHTML file and a .CSS file of the same name.

Learning Task 2 - RAMP

1.      Once you are happy with the FLEx project you can archive a backup file.

2.      From the File menu, choose Archive with RAMP (SIL)

3.      Choose whether to create a new backup or use the most recent backup

The SIL FieldWorks Archive using RAMP (SIL Only) dialog is displayed.

4.      Click the 1) Create Package button

5.      Once it has finished creating the package, you can click the 2) Launch RAMP button

RAMP loads and opens the package it created

6.      Work through the RAMP package and complete the meta data.

7.      Export or Upload the package as per your branch’s policy.

Learning Task 3 – Other exports

You have exported the classified dictionary as XHTML (in learning task 1).

1.      Follow a similar procedure to export both the dictionary and the index as XHTML

2.      Check that Pathway is installed on your computer.

3.      Export the dictionary to Pathway for LibreOffice using the TwoColumn stylesheet.

a.       From the File menu choose Export, then Pathway (various outputs)

b.      Be sure to tell it that you have complied with your organisations policies

c.       Click more and at least type in the book title.

Learning Task 4 – Plan to develop your skills

LTCT is only the beginning of your FLEx training.

·         Check out some of the options for continuing your training:

  • Videos
  • Help
  • Kent’s tutorial
  • On-line tutorials

·         Reflect on ways you can use these materials on your return to your field.

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