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Biblical Terms Tool


Introduction (4 min)

Where Are We?

As a consultant for the King James Pig Latin project, you receive their translation text. We will learn how Paratext can help you see what is going on with key terms even though you don't understand the language. 

Why Is This Important?

You want to help the team to be consistent in their use of key terms so that they don't omit a key term in the translation by mistake. The biblical terms tool helps both translators and consultants to verify the consistency of the translations used for different terms and biblical concepts in the translated text. 

What Are We Going to Do?

We're going to use the biblical terms tool to verify a variety of terms in the text. This tool will show all the verses that contain a specific key term or name. This will help you to see whether the team has been consistent in their usage of the term. If you find inconsistencies, you can indicate them to the team. After this lesson, you should also be able to teach the team how to store the key terms in their language in Paratext to better help you next time. We will also learn how to enter a word into the glossary

Changing the Biblical Terms List associated with a project.

Note You must be a project administrator to be able to do this.

Biblical Terms Tool

Guessing Renderings

Creating Glossary Entry

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