Scripture App Builder Day1D

Session 5: Scripture App Builder


  • Participants will work together in pairs to create new apps from Paratext, Notepad++ or Word.
  • Participants will use the Bluetooth, BibleBox and AirStash to distribute their apps.



  • Use Bluetooth, BibleBox  and Airstash to play a variety of videos on phones 





  • Have participants build 1 Scripture app, 1 Hymn app, and 1 Storybook app
  • Have participants put APK files on BibleBox and Airstash and distribute via Wi-Fi



  • Discuss what other ways there are to distribute Bible apps (8 ways - see Distributing apps in SAB Manuals folder) - Google Play, microSD card, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Web download, Email, Dropbox, LightStream/BibleBox)



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