LTCT2012 Friday Jan 20

Friday January 20

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Session 1: Problem Solving II

Task 1: Import the Manyawa scriptures into Paratext and run basic checks

The can be done in a variety of ways:

  1. Do it manually!
  2. Write a macro yourself
  3. Use RTF2SFM
  4. Use the SILAS program

Task 2: Convert the ICAP project into a resource and install it

Session 2: Rebu

Purpose (Why):

To be able to assist the language development workers on how to use REBU as an off-site backup system.

Learning Objectives (What):

  • The participant will know the importance of backups,

  • The participant will know what REBU is.

  • The participant will know how to use REBU.

Learning Tasks (How):


The participants will discuss the whys of backing up one's computer.


The participants will see a one slide powerpoint presentation on REBU (KKoncept.ppt).

The participants will go through the demo with the instructor.

Session 3: Evaluations and Debrief



Video presentation

Thanks to participants

Thanks to staff


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