Bloom 3 Session 6

Bloom Session 6

In this session, we will learn how to get a create a custom page in a book.

Start Bloom.

Choose a Collection

  1. The main window appears.  Click Other Collections.  The Open/Create Collection dialog box appears.
  2. Select English Books collection. The main window reappears.

Create a book

  1. In the Sources for New Books pane, click Basic Book.
  2. Click Make a book using this source.
  3. In the Front Cover, enter a title.
  4. To create a custom page, click Add Page and select Custom and then click Add This Page.  A custom page is displayed and ready to be edited.
  5. Demostrate how to create a custom page with 10 equal picture frames.
  6. Click Change Layout  when done to begin to use the page.
  7. Note that a developed custom page is only available in the current book.


  1. Create a custom page that is equivalent to Picture in Middle.
  2. Create another custom page that contains 6 textboxes and 3 picture frames.
  3. Create another custom page that contains 3 pictures and 4 textboxes, one of which is a title textbox at the top of the page.

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