Paratext for Consultants

Purpose (Why):


To enable the translation consultant to work with teams more effectively by learning new features in Paratext that enhance team collaboration and consultant interaction.


Learning Objectives (What):


The participant will be able to


  1. quickly arrange and restore workspaces for various consulting contexts.
  2. create exegetical or cultural notes that will be available in multiple projects and for multiple teams
  3. search for original language terms
  4. receive a translation team's data for comment and checking using Send and Receive
  5. create notes during checking and produce a final report
  6. show teams how to maintain their terms list
  7. check consistency with the Biblical Terms tool
  8. check what progress the team has made globally and confirm that recommendations have been acted on.
  9. better understand the vernacular text with the interlinearizer
  10. show teams how to activate and benefit from the spell checking tool

The course consists of ten lessons. The lesson content is on the following child pages:


The links to the left have text and pictures. The links to the right include short videos demonstrating the different exercises. You may want to watch them through once, then replay to attempt to follow along in your Paratext. Or you can watch a bit, then pause as you attempt to practice what was demonstrated. 

We believe that Vimeo is generally a better host site than Youtube. But some have said they find Vimeo hard to access and Youtube works  best for them. So we have uploaded the videos to both hosting sites and you can take your pick.

Full screen: to make the videos appear in full screen, click the full screen control. In Vimeo, it looks like four arrows:
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In Youtube, it looks like four corner brackets. 
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To download a video for offline viewing, go to the Vimeo links. Click on "Vimeo" in the video image, and you will be taken to the Vimeo website where you will find a download button below the video. 

Text format Video format
1: Arranging your workspace Arranging your workspace (Vimeo) (Youtube)
2: Consultant notes Consultant notes(Vimeo) (Youtube)
3: Searching and Dictionaries Dictionaries and search(Vimeo)(Youtube)
4: Send and receive Send and receive(Vimeo)(Youtube)
5: Taking notes during checking Translation checking notes(Vimeo)(Youtube)
6: Keeping track of Biblical term renderings Biblical Terms Renderings(Vimeo)(Youtube)
7: Using the Biblical terms tool Biblical Terms Tool(Vimeo)(Youtube)
8: Seeing history and comparing versions Project history (Vimeo) (Youtube)
9: Understanding the vernacular text Interlinearization (Vimeo) (Youtube)
10: Spell checking Spell check (Vimeo) (Youtube)

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