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Lesson 3: Searching for words and using dictionaries

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Where are we?

We are in the process of preparing for a consultant checking session. In lesson two, we learned how to take consultant notes. In this lesson we will continue to prepare for the checking by concentrating on the exegesis.

Why is this important?

One component of exegesis is to understand the sense that the words draw from their context. For this it is important to know how to do word searches in the text as well as looking them up in the dictionary.

What are we going to do?

In this lesson we are going to learn how to do searches of Greek words and how to use the different dictionaries.

Exercise 1: Search for an English word


Exercise 2: Search for a Greek word


Exercises 3,4: Greek search in all books, Greek dictionaries


Supplemental Exercise 1: Complex Greek searches


Supplemental Exercise 2: Greek words by semantic domain

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