LTCT2017 Problem Solving

Problem Solving

Learning Objectives

At the end of these sessions, the participant will

·        work towards solving many real-life problems. (These will include activities related to target competencies in their growth plans).

·        share their ideas of possible solutions with the group.

Learning task

1.     Choose an initial problem to solve.

2.     Plan a possible solution.

3.     Implement that plan, and adjust as necessary.

4.     Report to the group on your proposed solution.

5.     If appropriate, add to your learning portfolio as evidence of competency.

6.     Repeat for other problems as time permits.

Suggested problems:

1.     Create Android app of Christmas song using Christmas songs.txt as input

2.     Import the Kamba-sfm.txt lexicon into FLEx then export to LIFT. Produce a Kamba dictionary App for Android.

3.     Convert Ewe word list  (an Excel spreasheet) into a FLEx project and a WeSay project.

4.     Create a Bloom book  from the Africa Storybook Elders (elders.pdf)

5.     Restore the Paratext 7 project PL1 and migrate to Paratext 8 as a test project

6.     Import the Maba Toolbox dictionary to FLEx then export to LIFT.  Produce a Maba dictionary App in roman script. Produce a Maba dictionary App in Arabic script.

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